'O' (2018)
---------------------------------------------------------- Press Release: Written by Kumbirai Makumbe O is an exhibition that showcases the collaboration between University of East London’s (UEL) BSc Architecture and the London College of Communication’s (LCC) BA Design for Art Direction students. Through the localisation of the De Beauvoir estate in east London as a threshold: an intersection between the two disciplines, they jointly initiate a conversation presenting over 200 works – both physically and digitally – that have been made on and about the De Beauvoir estate. O touches on social and ethical questions related to urban development; the material conditions, and spatial relationships produced in the built environment. O, the point where the axes meet: the common origin of the two number lines, references the Cartesian coordinate system in order to place emphasis on the digital design practices adopted in the fields of architecture and graphic design in relation to computer aided design. This visual system, which often manifests through the organisational form of the grid, and can be thought of as a site of construction, is deployed as an aesthetic scheme in the exhibition to allude to topics of gentrification and urban regeneration. The multi-media, site-specific works displayed show a broad range of the ways in which the participants have found to interact with the estate and the discourses that emerge from their research. From publications to architectural models, O aims to encourage a discursive engagement amongst these two disciplines, and to an audience who engage with it. Site specificity was integral to the process of curating this exhibition; the ethical questions arising from the self-assertive utilisation of the De Beauvoir Estate as a means of producing work, the concept and politics surrounding displacement and also the role of social awareness in the design process. These subjects are brought to the table in an attempt to address problems of representation and to acknowledge the social climate surrounding the exhibition space, the LCC Studio, within the themes of the works exhibited. ----------------------------------------------------------- LCC Studio, Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre 8th - 9th March 2018